Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bendy straws - UPDATED

I almost bought you one of each, but I have a feeling you will have enough bendy straws to last a lifetime now.

~~Code Monkey

PS. Actually, I was thinking about it. We all know Chuck's got many good years left in him. (Face it, if the IED didn't do it, what will?) Let's say you use 4 bendy straws a day. Two cups of coffee in the morning, drinks with lunch and dinner. (I don't think using a straw with that beer after work is recommended.) That's 1460 straws a year. These Extra Long Flexible Straw 24 Packs amount to about 960 straws.  That gets Chuck about 240 days or until around October 8, for $30.55 (with shipping).  Or you could send the same amount to Project Valour-IT, even maybe make the donation in honor of "B. Straw", so he knows.  I think he'd rather have a donation made in honor of the ever elusive bendy straw than a bazillion bendy straws.

Just sayin'...