Saturday, July 23, 2011

It isn't thrillseeking...

Recently, a double-amputee was killed after being thrown from a roller coaster.

Some journalists characterized him as a thrill-seeker.
Facking Ritards.

There's a difference between trill seeking, and realizing the truth--that anything you do can get you killed.  That you are in more danger of dying in an accident while driving to the amusement park than you are from an accident at an amusement park.  

We in the military are in an inherently dangerous business, one that we try to make safer by recognizing the dangers, doing what we can to reduce the dangers, but knowing that we will still, regardless of the risk, accomplish the mission.  That doesn't make us thrillseekers.

Being ready to take life on our own terms--being able to decide that I am responsible for my actions, to take risks, to enjoy our lives as the same as anyone else--and to challenge ourselves to restore our lives and to even take on new challenges--it's what healing is all about.

I once had to re-learn to walk, to write, type, hold a glass, and simply use my hands to function like every other person, because a terrorist asshole named Luay Najim al-Samurai set off a bomb at my feet.

My boundaries will not be set by him.  No journalist will decide for me what is safe behavior, what is the reasonable or rational or prudent thing to do, because I've yet to meet any journalist who has ever risked their lives for any cause greater than self.

Today I took another step closer to recovery... because I did something I've never done, but always wanted to do.  I did it because I have a very good friend who will do dumb things with me.  I did something that is seems dangerous, and does indeed have the possibility of death, but the drive to it was far more dangerous than the activity.  I'm living my life--which is more than I can say Luay, who stretched a rope in 2005.

But I really do need to add, for those journalist that would call my activity simple thrill-seeking, and you terrorist assholes who keep trying to kill us:

Suck it.

--Chuck and Code Monkey

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Anonymous said...

Good for u. I could never do that. I'm always on edge of doing some thrilly behviors and getting freaked out about everday things. Like two sides if me want to parachute and the other side don't want to. But then I can drive all over the place and hike in woods and some ppl find that scary or brave and I'm like no way mountain climbing is brave. Anyway that's so true. We could even die in our sleep. No one knows. Enjoy thrills whoever you are who does this blog. Enjoy your life. Thanks for fighting in Army.