Friday, July 08, 2011

You'll be sorry when I'm gone.

Remember the last time a democrat President made a good, informed policy decision about what kind of change we needed? 
THE Army refocused on its core values in 1998. Following more than a year of self-examination in the wake of several sexual-harassment scandals, the Army initiated the Character Development XXI concept to integrate leadership and human-relations programs. CDXXI organized activities and projects under three categories: Doctrine and Policy, Training and Education, and Communications. (Yes, you read that right--under President Clinton, the Army had a sexual harassment problem... we did not have sex with that woman, indeed.)
The end result?  We were issued a card to put in our wallets which listed the seven "Army Values."  Luckily, these values were already in line with values I'd held when I enlisted eight years prior to the Army developing its core values.  Then, in case we were ever without our wallets, the Army issued us little plastic tags to wear on our dog-tag chains, with the seven Army values--neatly arranged into an acronym--listed on them.  Had to sign for it, too.  Had to be able to prove every. single. soldier. got one.

Well now we need to make sure that every soldier knows that if they commit suicide, um, effect an Individual Reduction In Deployed Strength (I-RIDS), that the President will be sure to send their mommy a letter. 

How can we be sure everyone knows that if they exercise their right to not show up at formation... ever again, that the President's autopen will do this, brave, bold, humane, and caring act?

Why, with a specially designed edged dog tag, of course!

Kill yourself in a combat zone and get a letter of condolence from the President!


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