Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Secret Service code names

The United States Secret Service uses code names for U.S. presidents, first ladies, and other prominent persons and locations.  The use of such names was originally for security purposes and dates to a time when sensitive electronic communications were not routinely encrypted; today, the names simply serve for purposes of brevity, clarity, and tradition.  The Secret Service does not choose these names, however. The White House Communications Agency assigns them.

Recently, Iowahawk came up with an idea after the Vice President likened dealing with the tea-party members of Congress to "terrorists."  Knowing that similar comments are often made by the VP, and his many other gaffes and blunders are so well highlighted in the press,  Iowahawk wondered: what is the secret service code name for the VP?

From Twitter: (#JoeBidenSecretServiceCodeNames)

Delaware Dingus
Paste Eater
Runs with scissors
Greek Accountant
Stuck Plunger
Stuck Zipper
Prince Albert
Prince Phillip
Lite Beer
No, the other idiot
One Last Synapse
Nattering Nabob of Negatism
Plugsy McRailroad
Slumlord Millionaire

These names are demeaning to an elected official of the United States Government and are demeaning as well as just plain insulting.  It does not matter how accurate or fitting they are, it is absolutely wrong to talk about the Vice President this way.  In fact, as Ace points out, it may be illegal.

For the record, I would *never* (again) publically insult the Vice President of the United States, even though as VP he is neither in my chain of command nor is he an elected US Representative or Senator.  His office is in a weird gray area between the Executive and Legislative branches, with all duties outlined in the constitution as Legislative (President of the Senate) and the only Executive duty (succession of the President.)  Still, he is pretty high up on the food chain for a lowly dog-face to piss on his leg.  So I won't.  Under the 24-7 microscope of the press, I imagine its easy for anyone to appear to be a well-documented buffoon, ignoramus, or general jackass, and I am certain that no one who graduated from Scranton Law School could  ever be as big a dolt as he is portrayed by an unfriendly press, that seems to enjoy making vice presidents look like caracitures.

//UPDATE:  Somehow, in writing this post, some of the code names developed for the VP have become associated with my account.  I have no idea how this happened, and have contacted Twitter support to try to fix the error.  They assured me they have top men working on the problem.  Top. Men.//

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