Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never forget.

Photo credit: James Natchwey

It's been 10 years. 

Scars fade.  Pain numbs.  But like an amputated limb, you overcome the loss and learn to live life under new terms.  We are reminded, not every day, but occasionally, of what we have lost.  We are reminded of what could have been.  We are reminded of what we once had and took for granted, and we vow to always remember.

Today is a day for special remembrance.  A day that lives in infamy, a day when we as a nation were attacked and 2,997 of our countrymen were murdered before our eyes, because members of the religion of Peace... no, I won't get into that today.  The reasons are small.  The losses are still huge. 


However, 5.02.11 is National Pork-Eating Crusader day.  (Also known as kick a Jihadi in the sack day.)

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