Friday, September 16, 2011

Not Forgotten

Today is an important day- it's National POW/MIA day.

As many of you may know, there is ONE, ONE living POW currently in existance-  SGT Bowe Bergdahl, who is being held captive in Afghanistan.  He has been held for 2 years now.  Our best intelligence to this point indicates that he is indeed alive, and we would like to bring attention to the fact that he is a captive and being held against his will.

Yes, this is the same Soldier who, according to reports, voluntarily left his FOB and wandered off into the clutches of the Taliban. 
Why he did that, does not matter right now.  What matters is that he is an American, he is being held in captivity, and we need to bring him home. 

The best way to do anything to help him is to increase awareness of his absence.  Put pressure on politicians to tell the Pentagon to pull out all the stops and use any means to recover him, and also to tell the public that we will bear any burden, suffer any sacrifice, and kill as many Taliban and their families, friends, and neighbors as we have to in order to bring this Soldier home.  If it isn't worth it, politically, to do that for one soldier, then how many do we have to have as POWs until it is?
To get more info, I'd ask that you contact the following POC's:
Bergdahl family contact:  Idaho Nat'l Guard, COL Timothy Marsano.  208-422-5268
Army Human Resources Command (HRC):  LTC Stacy Bathrick  502-613-4226
Bowe needs to come home, and the family would love as much assistance in getting the info out there as possible.  These two POC's are the ones that have all the latest info, and are at liberty to speak on behalf of the family and the situation.

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