Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miss me yet?

I know I've been posting somewhat irregularly, and I don't think in the near future that is going to change.

For those who haven't heard yet, I was supposed to deploy to Afghanistan tomorrow. Understandably, I've been a might busy packing, trying to get all of the pre-deployment training, certification and medical clearances.Oh, and squeezing in as much time with the family as I can.

I am not deploying tomorrow. I found out at 15:53 today. Which seems like a nice reprieve, except that until 15:53, I was waiting to find out if I would deploy tomorrow or not. Nothing like cutting it close, right?

I will, however, be getting on an airplane to Afghanistan via Kuwait sometime between now and the 24th. I will be going to about as far east in Afghanistan as you can go without actually being in Pakistan, and will be back in the saddle, into the breach, seeing the elephant, and hopefully not finding any more IEDs up close.

Since I will be joining up with my new unit over there, I will not be gone for the whole year, just until late spring/early summer.

I plan on writing from Afghanistan, since I'm all about the global-corporate-imperialist hegemony through blogging. And also because, like 2005, I am going to have shit I need to get off my chest, and not allowed to yell and throw things at the TV.


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