Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mother of the Year

On November 15th, Jennifer Fox was kicked in the stomach and pepper-sprayed by the Seattle Police. She was three months pregnant.

This is obviously police brutality, plain and simple.  Why, I bet those Seattle cops purposely targeted the pregnant women in that crowd of peaceful demonstrators who were just chanting in their drum circle about reasons why bathing is bourgeois.  Those cops obviously knew she was pregnant, too, as every woman shows a huge belly at three months--after all, at that point, the baby "is the size of a small apple and is fully formed. She has grown from 1 to 3 inches and weighs about 1 ½ ounces by month end." (1)

Let's be perfectly clear--after my morning coffee and smoke, I've been known to--no, I don't want to go there.  Point is, I know it's there at that point, and it doesn't show.  Just like I knew it was there before the rockets started falling.  At the point in the pregnancy that Jennifer Fox was, she knew it was there, too.

So, if we take the facts at face value, Jennifer Fox knew she was pregnant, the police didn't.  Jennifer Fox wasn't an innocent bystander, she'd been a) warned b) told to disperse and c) threatened with the use of pepper spray.  Knowing fully that she was risking the well being of her unborn child, she opted to stay where she was and continue her unlawful behavior.

This isn't police brutality--it's reckless endangerment bordering on child neglect.  She should be locked up where she can incubate the fetus without further endangering it, then once the baby is brought to term, the child should be taken and place up for adoption.  Ms. Fox should then be released from incarceration, and on her way out the door, someone should say 'Oh, just one more thing..." and when she turns around, shoot her in the face with pepper spray and kick her in the belly again.

If anyone knows of an address where Ms. Fox can be reached to send care packages and notes of sympathy, I'd appreciate it.  I'll have gallons of Tabasco, Sriracha, Franks, and this delivered.


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