Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Afghans are really just here for my amusement

This could be a continuing theme with me...

The headquarters building I am currently working in was built for Afghans. 

This means that there are no "western" toilets, only the "squat to shit" eastern toilets.

Given the dubious quality of our water (anything not in a bottle is non-potable) and the food, and whatever else floats in the air, the occasional emergency trip to the crapper means either a quarter-mile walk to our compound, and waiting for the guy from the Command Post to come unlock the gate, or squatting over the bomb site.

Not to be too graphic, but with the... consistency... and force... sometimes involved, this could get quite messy.

So far, I've avoided it.

But I did get to thinking... since the Afghans are really just here for my amusement... what would happen if one were to spray some PAM on the little foot gripper things?

Hilarity ensues, that's what.

I hate this place.


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