Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Airplane of the Damned V, Transatlantic Damned

Airplane of the Damned V, Transatlantic Damned

Remember all the good things I said about KLM/Delta?

Forget that shit. Sure, the staff are very courteous and polite. Sure, they pass the booze out liberally (once. One beverage service, on a ten hour flight.). After that, you have to ask just for water.

All that aside, what I really enjoyed was getting everyone on the plane for the pilot to THEN discover that something in the cockpit isn't working right. So they got the mechanics to come fix it. Which they couldn't. So they moved us over to the maintenance ramp... Rather than unloading the plane... And there we sat, while they fixed whatever it was (or, I suspect, while the pilot sobered up.)

We sat there for four freaking hours.
Time enough to get us off the plane and get every one of us a new flight, even if they had to use other carriers. But no way, no how. We were on this plane until this shit got fixed.

So they eventually fixed the plane, and I'll arrive in Detroit a mere three hours after the airplane that was to take me to San Antonio, left.

With any luck, (and really, on this trip, there is no luck but bad luck) I will be able to simply hop a later flight and still arrive tonight. I have full faith and confidence that Delta will absolutely do right by me. Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Oh, and joy of joys, I get to clear US customs when I get to Detroit. I hope they are as cheerful and polite as usual, I really need the stress relief.

Why do I get the feeling that I am going to end up living in the international terminal at Detroit Airport?


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