Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Airplane of the Damned VI, land the Damned plane already

Arrived in Amsterdam this morning.  You know what helps you get through a flight from Bahrain to Amsterdam, after the trip I've had?

Gin.  Flying on KLM with Dutch stewardesses who can spot someone who needs more than the "1 drink per hour" rule.  Sitting next to a very nice scottish lady who shared my taste for the Bombay sapphire.  And lunesta.  Take one and sleep wherever you are.

The only bad thing about the whole seven-hour flight?  My seat didn't recline, but the seat in front of me sure did.  

Add more gin.  Sleep sitting straight up.  Bonus:  no drool.  Drawback, upper and lower back pain.  Solution--Gin and Tonics for breakfast in the Netherlands.  Still haven't seen windmills or wooden shoes, but the day is young.


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