Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Airplane of the Damned VII, this is Damned ridiculous

So my four hour delay in Amsterdam did, in fact, cause me to miss my connection and final leg of this journey to San Antonio.  Delta more than made up for it, however, by adding ANOTHER leg to the trip because, hey, What could possibly go wrong?

US customs wasn't bad, that is to say, I wasn't held for a bribe nor did I have to threaten to place a call to the Secretary of Homeland Security.  

But the real kicker--because my flight changed so close to its departure, and because I had no checked baggage, and because hell, I don't know why, I got e magical SSSS security code, good for one enhanced screening and sexual assault.    I'musually understanding and helpful... I have shrapnel here, here, here, and here, an implant here, skin grafts here, etc.  not this time.  Let them figure this shit out on their own.  Welcome to America, this is the land you fight to protect, now if you'll just putyour feet here, we'll subject you to the exact same treatment we would any suspected terrorist.


P.S.  I had a nice conversation in Amsterdam with an Expatriate from Brooklyn who now lives in Norway.  Hadn't been back to the US in 30 years.   US Homeland Seurity made a pretty good argument for him.  Another cool thing in Amsterdam: you go through security at your gate.  Lines are nearly non-existant, save for the people getting on your plane.

P.P.S.  I have gone from Afghanistan to America and have been travelling for the last 80 something hours. The sum total of everything I carried fits into a backpack... A small one.  People need to learn to pack and carry way less shit.

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