Sunday, January 01, 2012

Death in the family

On December 30th, my grandmother passed away in her sleep.

I am currently somewhere in either a PAX terminal in Afghanistan, or on an airplane. It's not likely I'll make the funeral, but will be able to spend a few short days in San Antonio with my mom and family.

Wish it were under better circumstances. I was very close to my maternal grandmother. My mom and dad gave me my sense of humor, my ability to laugh in almost any situation, including insurmountable pain. My grandmother taught me some things too: that without self-respect, you had nothing; that being poor doesn't make you less, or more, of a person; that when you have nothing, you make do with what you have; that the best way to quiet Pekingese dogs was to scream "aw, shut yer yap" at them... While swinging a broom; that you have to let kids be kids; yhat you always love your children, no matter what they may do to upset you; that if you must throw something at your spouse, use butter; there's always room for one more at the table; and always, always have ice cream in the freezer.

I'll miss you Mamaw.

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