Monday, January 30, 2012

So I've been on my ass about blogging...

I have been swamped.

First, I have been hip deep in the planning/execution of Tranche II, which is a ceremony to hand over all security and governance responsibilities for Jalalabad and the surrounding districts (roughly 1/3rd of the country.)

Since we are the battle space owner of Jalalabad... it's all my show. To put it into perspective, the event is was attended by several US generals, a dozen Afghan Generals, the US ambassador, and the provincial governor. To say the least, I've been getting a lot of face time briefing a lot of people and not much rest.

In my "free" time, I have been planning our move to the Afghan Border Patrol headquarters--the BN staff is taking over the mentorship role there, leaving the rest of HHC on FOB Hughie, and also working out the kinks on the redeployment plan.

If anyone is still reading this, I appreciate it.  I would update more frequently, and will try to, as my plate gets a tiny bit more room on it (drawbacks of having your planner and logisitician take leave at the same time.)  Maybe no so much in terms of hopes dreams and aspirations, but probably a bit more of working with the afghans.

Finally, pay particular attention to Pakistan--our "Allies" that we give billions of tax dollars to--they've been taking shots at our airplanes flying along the border, have frozen our logistics in Pakistan, and are generally acting like a bunch of assholes who sheltered out #1 enemy for the better part of a decade.


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