Saturday, February 11, 2012

And the 2012 Amy Winehouse Award goes to...

Whitney Houston is dead.  Time to update my dead pool.

Price of crack drops to all time record lows, analysts cite tremendous decrease in global demand.

I just don't care.  Aside from being #5 on Chux list of all-time annoying singers (Celene Dion holds the #2 spot, I'm not saying who #1 is, lest I get bombarded by rickroll-type email,) her only claims to fame are:

1.  Bobby Brown's personal punching bag
2.  Crack head
3.  über-bitch (called a diva, if you're a singer or actress)

She's gone, and there's a gaping hole in the music industry for a drug-addled slightly off-key has-been.

Meanwhile, there IS still a war going on, but you won't hear about it today, as a dead crackhead will be taking the next 72 hour news cycle as the "world" mourns the passing of this "delicate star who burned brightly, but extinguished itself too early."  Big, Fat, Hairy Deal.


PS:  Best headline comes from FARK:  "Whitney Houston beats Booby Brown to death"

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