Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Afghan Spring... offensive

The Pakistan-based Haqqani network--not the taliban, have begun their spring offensive in Afghanistan.  The taliban takes credit of course, but then they also take credit, almost daily for destroying American Tanks--which there are zero of in Afghanistan.  The taliban takes credit for everything--unless it's a bad thing, then they blame the Americans, the Puppet government in Afghanistan, or the Jooos.
So there's the Haqqani network--less ideology, more criminal in nature.  Big opium production network, big smuggling network, with a light plastering of religion to get the true believers working for them.
There were several attacks across Afghanistan, including one on the very FOB I was at not a month ago.  They must've heard I'd left, because they certainly weren't going to piss me off while I was there.  Because of the rapid response of our troops, no one was killed, although several buildings were damaged and some soldiers were injured. I'm looking into any support they may need from the homefront.
Anyway, what set me off in the first place was the response to these attacks by our Afghan partners: 

On Monday, President Karzai said the attacks were an "intelligence failure for us and especially for NATO" and demanded a full investigation.
Intelligence failure?  Why don't you go shit in your hat, ass-clown?  Nobody ever mentions intelligence successes, because we keep those secret, by definition. What of your own government's failures?  What of the insider attacks?  Have you captured the asshole who killed two American inside your own ministry of defense, then got away clean? 
Of course, Karzai also demands (I don't think he understands his bargaining position) that the US provides $2 Billion per year for afghan security forces after we un-ass the country. 
Let me get this straight:  He demands we pay him $2 billion per year so he can secure his country after we leave?  Why the hell would we do that?  Once we leave, who the hell cares what happens to that ass-backwards toilet of intolerance?  I think what he's actually saying is "I need about $2 Billion per year to fund my swiss accounts, purchase homes in Dubai and Europe, and generally make my escape once this country falls further to pieces.
The real story:  Insurgent assholes (and we're talking small groups--really small) attacked several locations across Afghanistan.  They caused little damage, were met by rough men, and are currently assuming room temperature.  Of course, the MSM is making this sound like the "Afghan Tet Offensive" which, I suppose it is--a clear victory for the Americans--everywhere but in our own press.


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