Thursday, May 03, 2012

It should hurt to be this stupid

Ladies and gentlemen, we've been graced with a visitor from Thailand! He's made some delightfully insightful comments on the other posts lately, be sure to check them out:

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Reverse DNS:                    [No reverse DNS entry per]
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ASN:                            9737
ASN Name:                       TOTNET-TH-AS-AP
IP range connectivity:          1
Registrar (per ASN):            APNIC
Country (per IP registrar):     TH [Thailand]
Country Currency:               THB [Thailand Baht]
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 May 02, 2012,
6:15:01 PM
Guest has commented Thursday, May 03, 2012,7:27:35 AM  (IP ADDRESS:
Who's Mike Yon? I'm guessing he's a rival in the hard as nails world of the military blogger. You don't like him very much do you Chuck? Is he gay or a non believer or something?
Anyway, Mike I ain't, just someone who stumbled across your blog, an experience not disimilar to stepping in dog shit, and thought it was rubbish. Thats all. I'll pass your sentiments onto Mike if I can find an e-mail address though. In the meantime calm down Chuck. Deep breaths, deep breaths.
Guest has commented Wednesday, May 02, 2012,7:19:29 PM (IP ADDRESS:
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm literally laughing out loud that was so thouroughly witty and entertaining. You sound like a really tough playa.
Just one addition to post#11 Who's gayer, theater majors, art majors, music majors or outwardly homophobic yet inwardly raving grunts?
Guest has commented Wednesday, May 02, 2012,6:50:47 PM  (IP ADDRESS:
Go on lets hear a few... or is it that you can't actually think of any. Probably the latter I guess.
Guest has commented Wednesday, May 02, 2012,6:48:39 PM  (IP ADDRESS:
Shitting in hats? Ass clown! You have a lovely way with words Chuck. Beautiful. Poetic.
"They must've heard I'd left, because they certainly weren't going to piss me off while I was there."
You're so funny and obviously super tough at the same time.
Guest has commented Wednesday, May 02, 2012,6:42:01 PM  (IP ADDRESS:
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. OMG that was so funny the way he wasn't watching the wave and then the wave knocked him off the board because he wasn't watching.Hahahahahahahahahaha. Sublime stuff.
Guest has commented Wednesday, May 02, 2012,6:34:49 PM (IP ADDRESS:
My bet is that the military is full of "macho" dudes in denial about their sexuality, it being highly likely that you're among their number Chuck. That's a very overly "macho" name isn't it?
Going to the lengths of getting married and fathering kids to show just how hetero you are is taking things a little too far though. You'd better keep up the pretence otherwise the almighty could get wind of it. Oh no, wait a minute, he's all knowing so why bother hiding it anymore. I say come out of the closet Chuck. Set yourself free!
Guest has commented Wednesday, May 02, 2012,6:15:56 PM  (IP ADDRESS:
Guest has commented Wednesday, May 02, 2012,6:15:01 PM (IP ADDRESS:
There's only ONE person who I can think of who is in Thailand, and that person is Mike Yon. Sadly, it seems that the contributions from his vast horde of sycophants have dwindled to the point where he prowls those same milblogs he claims to hate, (if indeed it is him) looking to... I don't know, I gave out trying to figure out crazy years ago. I have to be very careful here, otherwise he might perceive something I write as a threat, and get his panties all twisted. Let me be perfectly clear... I would not rip off his head and piss down his throat. That would be conduct unbecomming. Indeed, if I were to run into him on the street, I'd probably put a dime in his coffee cup and tell him to have a nice day. Assuming it is Yon, I will say this: how does it feel having Carl Prine, your last cheerleader, tell you to take a hike? How does it feel having tell you to get bent? You are a veteran, Mike, so I would like to tell you that the VA does have many resources that can help with mental illness, and you should probably avail yourself of those resources (of course, you'd have to come back to America to do that, and with all those milkooks and their vast conspiracy to make you look stupid... Which you really don't need any help with...) And if our "guest" isn't his fatness, then I suppose I will only say this, to whomever it is: you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny. (Come to think of it, that applies to Yon too.) --Chuck