Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A public apology to Randy Cassingham

I recently republished a story written by Randy Cassingham, before he had the chance to publish it on his own site. It was purely an accident, as I did no relaize I was publishing something that he's reserved for his paid subscribers, instead of his "free" subscribers. Randy has always been a supporter of me (starting way back before I started blogging by sending me thousands of his "Get out of hell free" cards to distribute in Iraq.) I truly appologize for this transgression of trust, and I highly recommend you visit his website, www.thisistrue.com and subscribe to his weekly "news of the weird." Randy puts a LOT of work into this, and I also recommend that after perusing his site (and sharing it) that you consider a paid subscription to his "This is True" premium. Again, Randy, I apologize. --Chuck