Saturday, October 20, 2012

Battle Drills

In the Army, in command posts, we keep books of battle drills.  These drills cover actions we, as a battle staff, and the Tactical Operations Center staff, take upon the occurance of one of thse incidents. 

It helps drive routine actions in an emergency environment.  Frequnetly it involves actions to take, in order, and persons to notify, and flows from initial notification to when the incident is complete and the mission continues.

In order to train a TOC on battle drills, you can rehearse the drills you have already established in your TOC SOP, and to get your staff really sharp, identify likely scenarios that may occur and have them develop new drills. 

After reviewing our SOP, I founds a glaring deficiency, and used it as an opportunity to develop a new battle drill.

This is the MOST important drill we have.

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