Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Fair skies and following seas

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of longtime friend and fellow milblogger Neptunus Lex.

Lex was an aviator, a fighter pilot by trade, a milblogger, a husband, and a friend. Lex was killed when his plan crashed this morning. Lex was an integral part of Project VALOur-IT, and was often either the team captain or member of the Navy Team.

From his last blog entry:
"It’s funny how quickly you can go from “comfort zone” to “wrestling snakes” in this business.
But even snake wrestling beats life in the cube, for me at least. In measured doses."

I cannot bring myself to write a long eulogy for a man who deserves far more eloquent words than I can give.

Fare thee well, Lex, you will be missed, the skies are a little emptier today, and the world is too.
My deepest sympathies to Mrs. Lex and his family.


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