Monday, August 29, 2005

Walter Reed protesters

Some of y'all have asked me to weigh in on what I think of the protesters outside Walter Reed. Now. I don't know if I'm letting the tail wag the dog here. As far as blogging on topics that my readers ask about, I don't know if that's pandering to my audience or is just having the same thoughts. I've seen them outside the gates many times. And I've had several thoughts on what to do about them.

First, the Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss response to protesters outside the gate:

I think it's wonderful the people in this country are allowed to express themselves any way they feel, I think it's wonderful that they are willing to go out and hold up signs and demonstrate for what they believe in what they believe to be a true and just cause. I have fought for their right to do this and I believe that their First Amendment rights should not be in any way imposed upon.

Now, as for their selection of a place to demonstrate against the war, I think it is abhorrent that they would choose to do that outside of the hospital that treats soldiers who were wounded in the war. It can only serve to discourage the soldiers who are trying to heal. As the soldiers come in the gates they see these asshats holding up their signs and banners and they see how much these people hate what they do and what they're doing. I would much rather they went and demonstrated in front of the Congress or in front of the White House, and even more so if the simply demonstrated with their ballot, when it comes time to vote.

OK, put all in your tinfoil hats and try and hold on, because his is the to be a fun ride. They're now that my tinfoil hat is firmly affixed and the mind control beams can no longer hurt me, this is what I would like to see people do. I would like to see people show up and join their demonstration. By the tens or by the hundreds it would please me greatly. I would like to see them holding up signs. Great big signs. The signs that say: “We are asshats!” Signs that say: “We are idiots!” And other signs of that ilk. That would serve to discount with the protesters are doing. Smother them with signs that make them look foolish. Exercise your freedom of speech and your freedom to demonstrate and your freedom to express yourself. Don't do it across the street do it right where they're standing set up such a confusing message that their words are lost.

Wait a minute, I think if there's a hole in my tinfoil helmet, I gotta reach for the duct tape. Uncle Bobby stopped by and gave me the ultimate men's toolkit, everything you need: a bottle of liquor (but my wife won't let me touch because all my meds they do not use of alcohol) and a roll of duct tape. That's it, that's all you need. Anyway...

now to the tinfoil helmet is to completely sealed, I would much rather that people showed up there with baseball bats and beat them to a bloody pulp, and then showed up the next day and beat any survivors to a bloody pulp. On the third day, collect up anyone that still shows up, and give them a hug for their dedication to their beliefs. Then club them like a baby harp seal on coat-making day. These shitbags are little more than the people who protested as men came home from Vietnam after serving their country.

As I remove the tinfoil helmet I can't believe what I just wrote. I would never, ever advocate violence against my fellow American who is simply trying to demonstrate what he believes in and who is exercising his right.

Finally, if you are the person who is stalking Dan, please, Please run up and give him a big hug and wet kiss for me right in the office. I'm sure he would love it.


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