Saturday, August 27, 2005

Idiotic E-mail

Some people write to me about my blog, and they try to slam me and make me think that I don't deserve to live. Fortunately, by and large I much smarter than these people, and they don't seem to understand that anything and they send me I am more than willing to post on my blog. It's kind of a fundamental exercise to pick them apart. Now, not everybody who e-mails me send me hate mail. Actually, it's few and far between. I get e-mail from people who just asked questions. I e-mail from people who tell me how much they like what I do, and e-mail from people who congratulate me or they thank me for being a soldier and a combat wounded veteran at that. But the really fun ones are the ass clowns that write me and send e-mails like this:here will a core you well

From: jose loser


Date: Aug 26, 2005 2:04 PM

how can you bad mouth the military ans or the government if you love it so much? i think that if you are an officer that do dont need a "wish list" what about all the 18-21 year old service members who have no family close or none at all, you dont see them on the net asking for stuff that they clearly have the money to buy. i think that you are a sorry person and a sorry officer.

My reply:

It's called a wish list for a reason, jackass. I never said that
junior enlisted couldn't ask for things. These are things that I asked for and I wanted. Sure I can ask my wife to go out and get all the things that are all in my wish list, but what with her sitting in the hospital room helping me get well, stretching my hand when I needed, and doing other things to just help me, I think I should burden her with one other thing. Believe it or not between taking care of her self and taking care of me. She's pretty wiped out at the end of the day you wouldn't know that because you probably never had somebody in the hospital you care about, somebody to use to know is a whole person lying broken and bloody in front of you, and you dedicated yourself for the last three months to get them better. So, I'm sorry if I didn't send her off to Wal-Mart to buy something that I would thought would be nice to have.

As far as bad-mouthing the government or the military, I haven't done
that (at least not lately) and it's my right (and my duty) as a citizen to disagree
with them if I choose. It's called the U.S. Constitution you ought to read it once in a while.

Regardless, don't tell me how an Army officer should or shouldn't
behave until you raise your right hand and take an oath. Until you do that you have no earthly idea what it's like to be a soldier or officer.
Thanks for writing,


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