Monday, October 17, 2005

Black and Gold ruin my Sunday (again)

Steelers lost. Tommy Maddox couldn’t lose the game properly in four quarters, so he had to throw it in overtime. He should be immediately released from the organization. Bill Cowher should keep Maddox’s nuts in a jar on his desk to motivate the others. If it wasn’t for fouls and errors, I doubt the Steelers would have scored at all. I hate to see great players like Bettis and Ward betrayed after returning for one last season. The Steeler organization is IMHO rife with inept, incompetent, or immature Quarterbacks. And the offensive coordinator should also get a pink slip, nailed to his forehead. Sudden death overtime, you’ve got the ball on the 30, and you try a few passes and runs instead of just going for the easy fieldgoal? What, is losing by six preferred to winning by 3? I’m sure the team could accept walk-ons from a few local high schools to take snaps. The kids could be easily replaced if they can’t handle the pressure (like Roethlisberger) or if they lack talent (like Maddox.)

Before anyone asks, no, I don’t think I could do better. That’s why I wasn’t at try-outs this past spring. (Also because I was in Iraq at the time.) And now that I am home, I still don’t think they could use a nine-fingered QB who can’t feel his left hand or bend his thumbs. Then again, I don’t see how the alternative is any worse.


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