Saturday, October 08, 2005


I just heard about the bigass earthquake in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It happened along their shared border, and apparently gozillions are dead, missing, homeless, etc.

Before anyone asks,

Not one damn dime.

We should help our fellow man, as soon as we get the mud out of the basement here. The Indians (is it PC to call them that?) and Pakistanis have been shooting at each other across that border since it’s been a border. Living in the Kashmir region would be like living in the Gaza strip, it’s a friggin war zone. Not the best place to build a house. Of course, thousands are reported dead in India from the quake. While the number is staggering, 100,000 people is less than 1% of India’s population. India should be able to help the people injured or displaced without putting too much of a strain on their GNP.

Lots of “acts of God” lately… think he might be pissed about something? As for me, I’ll be in church tomorrow; I’m all out of Kharma points anyway and tornado season ain’t over yet. But, unlike the “We’ve lost everything” crowd I’ve seen on the news, if I had the Mrs., the Kids, and Mom; the whole damn house could flood and then be ripped asunder by a tornado and the rubble flattened by an earthquake, and I’d look at my family and say I hadn’t lost a thing. But I would ask for some pants.


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