Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Short post...

Another long day at the hospital. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it just snowballed from there. Chuck and I were not communicating well and it was very intense all day. I came to the realization that this go round is not easier than last time, as I had somehow convinced myself that it would be. A lot of it is deja vu, which is not real cool. By the time I left Chuck's room tonight we were okay and I told him "Tomorrow is another day and we can start over." Meaning that we didn't need to apologize all over the place about today b/c we both know it was not a good day and we can make tomorrow a better day. Alice helped me realize a lot of this when I talked to her before leaving Chuck's room (thanks, Mom!). This is just tough, and it sucks, and I wish that Chuck had his life back the way it was, as w/ the whole family. BUT, this is our life now and I know I can't turn back time and change anything. But sometimes that is a hard thing to swallow, ya know?

As far as Chuck's surgical sights go, they are healing well. The doc checked them out again today and said everything looked good. We are hoping and praying that we are home by Thanksgiving.

As the title says, a short post, b/c I am worn out. I don't have much to update anyway, other than what I have written. Sooooo.... thank you all again for your prayers, cards, letters, comments on the blog, etc. We are blessed to have so many people w/ us through all of this "stuff."

Take care, God Bless you all and our Armed Forces!

Until next time,

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