Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Still here...

Hello out there! We are still here... it's been kinda weird the last few days and I have had some computer/internet issues so I have not been able to post. My mom was also here over the weekend and we had a good visit. It was great to have some family here for a few days (Thanks, Mom! I love ya!).

As for Chuck... it's been a whirlwind again. They changed some meds last Thursday and he has been a zombie ever since. It's hard to explain... let's just say he sleeps A LOT and when he is awake he is barely conscious of what is going on around him. It's hard seeing him like this. I have talked to a number of people about his meds and the fact that I think he is over-medicated and some changes need to be made. Hopefully in the next 24 hours the docs will make some changes so I can get Chuck back. He's really not himself and it's hard to watch him go through this and feel so out of it. I know he'll be okay in the end.... I really do know that. But it doesn't make the current situation any easier.

He was supposed to be discharged yesterday (originally), but he has an infection and has to stay in the hospital a few more days. His surgical sights are not infected (thank goodness!). One of the donor sights from his skin grafts (from our "summer vacation" here at WR) is infected (on his left thigh). The docs don't know exactly what the infection is so they have him on two very strong antibiotics. Gotta love it!

Other than all of that, things are peachy! :)

We are both still astounded and giddy as kids on Christmas about Valour-IT and what you all have done to support it. This is absolutely amazing and Chuck and I are so grateful to those of you who are "running the show" (Beth), as well as those who have donated. I think it's a great thing and will continue to become even greater! But w/o all of you, it would not be what it is today. So thank you!

Gotta get back to Chuck's room and see how he's doing. I will try to keep up the posting so y'all don't worry about us. Thanks again for the prayers and cards and phone calls, etc.

Take care, God bless you all and our Armed Forces!

Until next time,

p.s. SGT Allen... when I get a chance I will get in touch w/ you at the Mologne House. Cool?

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