Thursday, November 03, 2005

I said I had more to post...

The news from our end about Valour-IT is this:

We met the Secretary of the Army, Dr. Fran Harvey, today. He was a very nice man and happens to be a fellow Pennsylvanian!!! Not sure if he's Steeler fan, though... forgot to ask. Anyway, Chuck told him about V-IT and I printed off some info from the Soldier's Angels website. He seemed impressed with the project and Chuck told him, "I think either the Army or the Department of Defense should support this project." Dr. Harvey said he would look into it further and took the info I gave him. After Dr. Harvey left the room his Aide de Camp gave me his card (he's an Army Major) and told me if we didn't hear anything in two weeks I was to contact him. So guess what.... in 14 days I will be contacting him if no one (i.e. Me and Chuck and/or Soldier's Angels) don't hear something. Who knows where this could lead V-IT!!!!

Aside from that, Chuck's Battalion Commander, LTC Hall, came to see him today. LTC Hall is home on R&R and came to DC for who-knows-what, and also to see Chuck and Joe Beimfohr (another soldier from the BN who was injured this summer - Joe is doing great, by the way, and I was very happy to see him again. He lost both of his legs and now has two prosthetics and is getting around well). LTC Hall stayed for about two hours. Lots of conversations went on in those two hours, and I think it was good for all involved to see one another again.

We are still looking into getting Chuck some internet access. He wants to post soooo badly! I told him I am keeping you all updated, but I know he misses doing this himself. The docs changed some of his meds this evening, so I don't know what tomorrow will be like for him. Overall he had a good day. He didn't sleep at all today (after about 10:30 am) b/c there was so much going on. I left a little after 8 pm and he was still awake. I know I'm exhausted from today, I can't imagine how he stayed awake so long!

My mom is coming to visit tomorrow through Monday, which I am very excited about. It will be nice to have family here for a few days and break the monotony.... not that the days are boring, but I think you know what I mean.

Okay... I'm done for tonight. Thank you all again for everything.... I could never say that enough!!!

Take care, God Bless you all and our Armed Forces!

Until next time,

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