Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's The Mrs. again

Hey y'all!!! I talked to Chuck earlier today and he said his computer was all screwy so I figured I would let you all know that he did, in fact, get his luggage today (and he said nothing was missing). He also said he thinks some of the "hired help" (i.e. housekeeping) possibly screwed up his computer. He had the GM of the hotel in his room when I called. Not sure what the status is b/c I have yet to hear from him since this afternoon (if I know my husband, he fell asleep this afternoon and is probably still sleeping...).

An extension to my last post... Adelle now has an ear infection. Had to take her to the ER b/c there was no way for me to get an appnt. today (I really hate the Ft. Riley hospital!!!). When I went to the pharmacy to get her meds they were on number "010." We were number 045!!! There was no way in hell I was going to subject my exhausted and cranky daughter to two hours waiting for her meds. So... I took her home for a nap and a neighbor came to the house so I could go back to the hospital to get the meds. When I returned (about 30 min. later), they were only on number 023. So I waited... and waited... and waited. Then I got fed up and left to go to the Commissary to get Adelle some other meds (that they didn't give a scrip for). I got back and they were on number 043... only two more to go!!! Then I waited (standing room only now) another 15 min. until it was finally my turn. There were many, many unhappy people in the waiting room. It was absolutely insane!

So here's a little trivia... what the hell is the hospital gonna do when The Big Red One is here in full strength?!?!?!? There are thousands more people headed to Ft. Riley in the near future (they are trickling in rather quickly now). Anyone got any bright ideas that I can take to the hospital commander? My thinker is fresh out of anything logical at this point due to my stress level. Don't worry... you won't hear about me going over the edge in the news or anything... I'm thinking of a really fun and exciting way to totally lose control - makes life more interesting, ya know? Just kidding, I swear!

So there you have it... the mindless ramblings of Carren. I think I'm done for now...

Take care and I will see many of you this weekend!!!!!!


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