Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Day After...

So it's the day after the AWESOME AND AMAZING MilBlog Conference and what is Chuck doing?... Sleeping!!! He woke up feeling crappy and is sawing logs on the hotel bed. So how many other conference attendees are doing the same thing? Note to self: Pub crawling while raining outside is not always a wise choice! But hey... I know I had fun and I'd do it again if it was snowing (maybe).

Just wanted to say that this weekend has been such an incredible experience! Finally getting to meet so many people who I have only known by name (be it a real name or a screen name) was awesome. Speaking of screen names... I need a cool one. "Carren" just doesn't sound as cool as so many others out there. I'm not even technically a "real" blogger... I guess, according to Andi, I am an "accidental" blogger. No worries, Andi, I'm not upset at the verbage. As accidental as it was, I will still continue to post on this blog as long as Chuck lets me (when he's asleep he can't stop me - HA!!!). Some people have said I need my own blog, but Lord knows I would not know what to post about on a daily basis (let alone have the time). So I figured I could start w/ baby steps... finding a cool screen name. Any and all suggestions are welcome (hint, hint).

I am sure Chuck will post later... if he ever wakes up.

And to Andi... our amazing MilBlog Conference organizer..... YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time (when I can think of something to write about)....


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