Thursday, August 17, 2006

On Major Roi Klein (z”l – of blessed memory)

The little that we can do for somebody who sacrificed his life in such a heroic way is to tell his story. It is not clear why the media ignored this story. Maybe his altruistic behavior is unpopular or maybe it does not fit with the image of the suffering, sensitive and fearful soldier that some media are trying to nurture.

Last week, Major Roi Klein (z”l), lieutenant commander of Regiment 51 in the Golani Brigade from Eli, was the highest-ranking officer among his troops in the Lebanese town of Bint AlJubeil. In the midst of a battle he noticed that Hizballah terrorists had lobbed a grenade that landed close to his soldiers. Since the detonation of the grenade was imminent. He leapt and blocked most of the fragmentation from the grenade with his body, thereby saving his troops. His soldiers said that he cried “Shma Israel” when he jumped to block the grenade.
Roi Klein was buried on his 31st birthday.

He was a gifted Saxophone player and a brilliant academic that completed his engineering studies with high honors. He traveled with friends in Africa and had a rolling laughter. All of his friends describe him as a gentle and relaxed soul. His widow’s wish is that his children would resemble their father when they grow up.

May his memory be blessed.


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