Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Today marks the 34th anniiversary of my birth. I am celebrating it by staying overnight at Walter Reed, for an appointment with my Orthopedic doctor tomorrow.

I intend to make the best of the trip, however. Tomorrow morning, I am going back to my old stomping grounds, Ward 57, to give my Christmas cheer to the nursing staff, and visit with my brothers in arms.

I intend to ask them if they don't mind my telling their stories, and listing some of their Christmas wants here. I'll post (with permission, of course) their mailing addresses, or I may just figure something else out. Either way, you can read about them here sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening. I know that they won't receive any of this by Christmas, but they will receive it, and the suck that goes along with being in the hospital on Christmas lasts longer than the 25th of December. Be sure to show this to everyone who says "I want to help but don't know how..."

As for me, well, I have everything I could ever want (except for some body parts and nerve endings). Having said that, you can still bring a ray of sunshine into my life by selecting anything from the wishlist on the left sidebar...

Remember, watch this space!


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