Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's about damn time!!!

The title is now the Ziegenfuss family motto as far as Chuck's promotion is concerned. Yes, this is Carren - not Chuck. He's too busy lying on the couch, basking in his glory of oak leaves!

Okay, seriously, Chuck's promotion was a great day and he most definitely deserved it!!! Alice was here for the event as well, which was great b/c we haven't seen her since June. The kids drew on the chalkboard while waiting (rather impatiently) for the ceremony to start. So by the time we started taking pictures, the kids were covered in chalk! And of course, being the smart mom that I am, I dressed them in dark clothes to make sure ALL the chalk was noticeable! Oh well... it was a great day and we all survived (literally survived... 60 mph winds and tornado warnings gave a little "Je ne se quoi" to the day! :)

When Chuck got commissioned (the day after we got married.... oh so long ago) his mother and I pinned his butter bars on him. But who did he hug first??? Not his new wife, his mom!!! I'm okay with that - she put up w/ him for 24 years (by that time) and I had only been married to him for about 18 hours, so she deserved the honors.

BUT... 9 1/2 years later who gets to hug him first after pinning oak leaves in him?!!? Nope, not Alice... not his WIFE... his previous Battalion Commander!!! I just can't win, for cryin out loud! Actually, it was pretty cool. LTC Hall (Chuck served under him in Iraq) showed up and surprised us for the promotion. He also gave Chuck an oak leaf that he wore when he was a Major (and that particular oak leaf has a rather long lineage to it as well).

All the way around, it was a great day. One of these days I'll actually get to be the first one to hug Chuck after a promotion... but probably not until he becomes Emporer. But I'm not holding my breath on that one! ;)

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