Saturday, February 03, 2007

I need a lawyer

Here's the deal. The New York Birdcage Liner Times published photos, and the story of, and video of, a dying US soldier. They did this contrary to an agreement signed as part of their embedding, and they did this BEFORE the family was properly notified.

Get all the horriffic details at Michelle Malkin's.

That aside, they stripped the soldier of his dignity. They took away the only thing he had left, as he lay dying. They did it for no reason other than to make money.

Then they even attempted to contact the family, to get their reaction.

So I need a lawyer. A good lawyer, prefferably a large legal firm, who is willing to file a class-action lawsuit against the NYT on behalf of all soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, for violating their privacy, and the privacy of their families; for publishing photos, names, and videos of us without our express consent, written or otherwise; for breach of contract with the military.

I want punitive damages. I want damages paid to that family. I hate the litigeousness of our society, but I want the NYT to go down hard. I want more than an apology from the editors, I want them shamed publicly, fired, and tarred and feathered run out of the journalistic world on a rail.

I abhorr terrorism, but when I heard what they did, I actually considered what it would take to take down the NYT through the proper application of explosives. I couldn't abandon my family to do that, shame my children by my actions. I would have to become all that I abhorr to do something like that.

I considered what it would take to track these bastards down, from the journowhore and photographwhore all the way up the food chain to the senior editwhore who approved publishing, to the individuals who actually put the video on the website, and pushed the buttons on the presses. The chain would be huge, and impossible for one man to accomplish without collateral damage.

It wasn't just the people in the food chain from journowhore to editwhore to blame. It is every person it took to physically publish the information. No ONE of them said "No, this is wrong. Imagine how this will make that family feel. They did nothing to desrve seeing their son stripped of his dignity. They did nothing to deserve everyone in America watching the death of their son--without so much as the simple decency to ask the family." Not one of those shitstains at the nyt stood up for the rights of the soldier and his family, who stood up for their right to publish.

No one stood up for the rights, for the privacy, for the dignity of the soldier or his family. Who will stand for us? I haven't heard of any employees walking out on the job, no union has decided that they should stand up for this hero, and refused to operate the machinations that published and distributed this... this... travesty? Tragedy? I don't think there is a word inthe english language that adequately describes what it is.

I recently posted a video showing an insurgent/terrorist attack in Iraq, and then displayed the bodies of the attackers after their failed attempt. I don't know if their families will ever see it, but I know that at least they'll already know their husbands/brothers/fathers are already dead. I have no respect for them, their actions, or their cause. I can sleep at night because to me these terrorists are less than human. Apparently, the nyt and all of the employees there think that way about American soldiers.

If I had the resources, I would hire all of the bombers from the confederate air force and drop 100 pound bundles of nyt sunday editions on their offices from altitude--about 25,000 feet. I'd have newsies from around the globe on hand to tape the deaths of the people working in the nyt offices, and then rush the videos of the dead and dying to the homes of their families. I'd have them show it to their children, wives, and husbands. I'd make a damned infomercial about it, paying for airtime. I'd make a documentary. I would relish showing each and every one of their deaths to the world.

Make no mistake, there is not one soul at the "grey whore" that is worth saving, not a single life worthy of redemption. Not one person of its 12,300 listed emplyees walked out over this, and there's been no coverage of this in any other mainstream media outlet, either. No one pointing fingers, other than the blogosphere; no one decrying this, or so much as saying it was wrong. No politician has come forth to rail against the grey whore, demand apologies or retractions. No one has ordered them out of theater, has severed advertising ties, or severed business relations with them (imagine if the company that provides them ink just told them to get bent...)

So Iwant to sue. I want to crush them down to the point where they have to fold under. I want people to cancel their subscription to the new york times, and it's subsidiary/parent companies, and watch the grey whore slowly die from the oozing syphilitic sores (her editors and writers) she has hidden for so long.

Does anyone know a good lawyer?


FYI: the following are subsidiaries and affiliates of the nyt. I don't think this list is all-encompassing, but think about them before you spend one nickel on their subsidiaries, or with those who advertise with ANY of the subsidiaries, and let the people who do business with the NYT companies know WHY you won't give them your business. Honestly, I don't think the average American will do any of this, but then again, the average American doesn't even vote.
Donohue Malbaie Inc. - 49%
Madison Paper Industries - 40%
Metro Boston - 49%
New England Sports Ventures, LLC - 17%
About, Inc.
CBS: WREG (Memphis, Tenn.), WTKR (Norfolk, Va.), WHNT (Huntsville, Ala.), KFSM (Ft. Smith, Ark.)
NBC: KFOR (Oklahoma City, Okla.), WHO (Des Moines, Iowa).
ABC: WNEP (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Penn.), WQAD (Moline, Ill.).
UPN: KAUT (Oklahoma City, Okla.)
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46. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma KFOR-TV 4 (27) 1996 NBC
KAUT-TV 43 (40) 2005 MyNetworkTV
53. Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania WNEP-TV 16 (49) 1985 ABC
73. Des Moines, Iowa WHO-TV 13 (19) 1996 NBC
84. Huntsville, Alabama WHNT-TV 19 (59) 1980 CBS
96. Moline, Illinois WQAD-TV 8 (38) 1985 ABC
102. Fort Smith, Arkansas KFSM-TV 5 (18) 1979 CBS


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