Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And now for something not so completely different.

I am here.

Not really sure where "here" is, but it's all over the place. It's everywhere, this here is.

Sorry about that. The editor who let the prevoius sentences go by unmolested has been sacked. As you all know there is no editor-in-chief here; the mass of cells in the brain (a very tiny mass, to be certain) just behind the frontal lobe, who previously were known collectively to the other cells as "Steve", was found to be on their/his/its figurative ass when those sentences were written. I plugged my nose, expelled all my breath, closed my mouth, and hiccoughed. Said cells (the aformentioned Steve) imploded, sucked into an oh-so-tiny hole in space-time created by the perfect vacuum-within-a-vacuum.) I also lost part of third grade.

Please, Miss Kitlan, my 8th grade english teacher, diagram those paragraphs...

As you can see, I am no worse for the wear following Phase One of RR2K7. I had a groovy time, Drove like hell, Hung out with Uncle Jimbo at the local bisquit shop, Drove like hell, Was *not*nimpressed with sioux falls' "Falls", Slept in a Wal-Mart Parking lot (thanks for the advice UJ!), Drove like hell, all the way from Sioux Falls to Montana in one day, weaseling out of a $600 ticket en-route (without playing the cripple card or wearing out my knees!), Drove like hell, Spent a day with my kinfolk in Billings, (Thanks again, BecnBennNicknSimon!) Drove like hell, spent the night at a very nice hotel overlooking the lake in Couer d'Alene, ID where they charged me $30 less than the rate I booked through (on purpose, and again without my asking, then Drove like hell, got here and have been working non-stop since I arrived. For you local folks, The Army put me up at the King Oscar Motel; but don't worry, I already have the door barricaded, the walls sandbagged, and a range card at the window. (And I gave the bunk next to the window to my room mate.)

Funniest thing to happen to me so far: I've been "selected" to attend a class on the characteristics and capabilities of IEDs. Obviously, it's because the last one didn't explain it well enough.


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