Friday, June 22, 2007

It is my second anniversary.

--Of the first day that I died.

It's weird to say that, but I died two years ago.

Now, don't go and get all religeous and evangelical, I died, as in the muscle in my chest that pumps blood where MOST other people have "hearts" stopped pumping--clinical death.

Likely because it was angry from my rapid-weight loss plan, which resulted in a net loss of one pound of flesh in just 24 hours. I'm not really sure why, but it decided to take a break, although it was not broken (which would come some months later when my beloved command was turned over to an inept jackass who tried to fill my shoes by needlessly endangering my soldiers while hunting for combat badges--he failed in his quest for medals and to injure anyone--likely because he was only followed out of amusement.)

Anyway, it was all fine and dandy one minute, going bumpitty bumpitty bump-bump bumpitty (so much cooler than the standard lump-thump of a normal person's heart) and the next minute it was out to lunch.

The docs got it fired back up, and I am pretty sure there isn't any more brain damage.

I was treated to a repeat performance four days later, which I like to refer to as the second time I died.

So how did I spend my day? Aside from preparing patrolling lanes for cadets, I managed to NOT listen to a bus full of dribbling retards trying to play Also sprach Zarathustra's Von der Wissenschaft with banjos and triangles any politics on the radio, I drove to work and quietly reflected, while exercising my-cardio vascular system through a semi-steady infusion of nicotine and caffeine.

I broke away around noon for a tasty spot of lunch, and my lane NCO and I opted for lunch at a nice roadside restaurant called "The Little Park Restaurant." A yummy grilled roast beef, cheese and tomato(e)s on sourdough, fries, and more coffee. REALLY tasty. Another group of our cadre (six to eight more guys) stopped in a few minutes later (coincidentally) and also ordered lunch.
About the time we finished, a very nice lady stood up from her table and told all of us thank you, and ordered us all to get a slice of pie on her. Turns out the restaurant also makes truly tasty pies--I had a slice of raspberry pie that tasted like they somehow filled a fully cooked pie crust with fresh raspberries. It was a perfect slice of pie.

Our checks came, and about the time I realized my $8 lunch was way too cheap for the quality, the server came by and scooped up the checks--for all of us. She explained that some of the regular customers had already paid for us.

I've had my tab picked up for me by thankful people before. As a matter of fact, it was the very gracious readers of this meandering tripe who gave fruition to an idea I had once that has helped thousands of gimps like me. I wasn't overwhelmed by todays act of generosity, it just happened at just the right time on just the right day. (Coincidentally, I met a very nice couple named Jock and Judy at the IHOP a few days ago, about the time I was getting homesick and a bit lonely. I really just wanted to have a decent conversation with someone, and stopped at IHOP for a quick bite on my way home.

Jock struck up a conversation; his wife joined us soonafter, we chatted for over four hours until midnight.

Sometimes, subtle needs are answered with subtle blessings.