Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And these folks are intellectual Elite

It took two and a half years.

But this asshat extraordinaire is finally unemployed.

Unfortunately, it isn't because he compared the people killed on 9/11 to Adolph Eichmann, but rather because he "misrepresented facts" (clever euphemism for lied and/or made shit up) in other research papers, including (From Foxnews)
[The allegations included misrepresenting the effects of federal laws on American Indians, fabricating evidence that the Army deliberately spread smallpox to Mandan Indians in 1837, and claiming the work of a Canadian environmental group as his own."]
Of course, the funniest part of the story (which wasn't covered in the article, but I saw it on the tube) is the tribe of injuns beating on their "war drums" in support of asshat (must've been hard getting time off from the casino, especially since it's close to the end of the month and the gummint checks/liquor ration are due). The injuns support him because lies for them, and steals work from others, claims it as his own, and parrots it for them. Apparently the noble savages could care less if white man speaks with forked tounge, as long as he tells their lies.

*note: I don't dispute the atrocities of the US Cavalry against the Native First American Injun Peoples. They are well documented, from Wounded Knee to smallpox blankets.

I take umbrage with their blind support of ward churchill, because he's been proven to lie and steal work, because if those lies are believed, it supports their cause (whatever that may be).

In any case, maybe he can take this time off (before he's hired by MoveOn

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