Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What's next?

The opinions expressed are those of Chux Code Monkey. It's entirely possible that I will someday piss off even him. Get mad at me, not him. Check the bottom left corner for feedback.


K, we lost. It's a pisser. You know what? Life goes on. America goes on.

For those of you that need time to lick your wounds, you get 48 hours. You had best be singing this while you put on your "Hello Kitty" band-aids and drink your Zimas.

The rest of us are working on what's next. Let us know when you get done sulking.

If y'all want to plot about how to best make the next four years suck for our new President, count me out. If you want to talk about what we do next, I'm all in.

Let's roll.


What she said. The decision has been made, the people of these United States have spoken, and come January, he's the new boss. It doesn;t matter if you like it or if you voted for him. I am NOT going to spend the next 4 years acting like the very moonbats we've ridiculed endlessly as sore losers. This is a milblog, and in the military, you have to know when the time for debate is over and when to snap your chinstrap and get to work.

You don't have to like him, but he is your next President. Now get to work. People on welfare need your money.


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