Friday, April 17, 2009

Heroes amongst us

AP Headline 4/16/09: Awash in celebrities, US still looking for heroes

Sun Sentinel Editorial 4/14/09 - Again, heroes emerge at just the right time for America

Richard Phillips gets it: "I am just a small part of this. The real heroes of the story are the U.S. military. They are the most dedicated, professional and capable group around. We should all reach out and thank them."

Want to thank a hero? There are 787 waiting for adoption at Soldiers' Angels.

Their letter writing team may be better suited for some. (See the magic they can do.)

You can send one-time gifts through the Soldiers' Angels Store.

Or you could donate to Team Chuck Z--Angels and Asphalt in the 2009 World T.E.A.M. (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) sports 2009 Face of America Bike ride. (More here.)

Heroes are everywhere. You just have to open your eyes to them.

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