Saturday, September 26, 2009

A great Offer, and I need your help to make it work


That's right folks, yours truly is a featured speaker at the Blogworld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas from 15-17 October. I will be moderating and Participating in the Panel on "The Best MilBlogs You've never read" representing the Combined Arms Center and Command and General Staff Colleges' blog, as well as conducting many interviews with industry leaders to find ways the Army can better use Social Media and Web 2.0 applications for my Master's Thesis.

Additionally, I will be hanging out at the Army and Soldier's Angels booth, giving demonstrations of the VALOUR-IT Laptop and telling people all about the many programs Soldier's Angels has going on around the world.

While all that sounds fun (and exhausting) I will be burning the midnight oil, networking with other milbloggers, and non-milbloggers, to try to get them on board with the annual Valour-IT fund drive. When I am not doing that, I may investigate some of the famous Las Vegas Historic and Cultural attractions, to better understand the nature of this fascinating city.

Want to join me?


The CEP of the Blogworld New Media Expo, Rick Calvert, thinks we can get 200 people to the milblog track,and is willing to back that with up to 200 free memberships.
He has challenged me to get the word out to as many military members (current and veteran), milbloggers, milblog readers, military supporters, and others as possible, particularly in the California,Arizona, Nevada region.

First, if you could please help cover the challenge (By telling everyone you know--dust off the email lists, put up a flyer, invite your mom, etc.) and share that anyone currently serving or former service who drops my buddy Blake a line at
with BWE09 Registration in the subject line,
and tell him in the body who they are, they will get a code for a free
(That's a $500 value!)

Second, ALL milspouses, spouse bloggers, and military supporters (including my readers) can also get a code if they do the same!

Third, if you blog at an organization site (WLF, AL, VFW, NSA, NASA, heck, any alphabet soup), and could post something there, it would be very much appreciated.

Fourth, if you know any bloggers in CA, NV, AZ, please ask them if they will help push this. If you know anyone on radio, television, newspaper in that region, please reach out to them also. (This includes calling your local radio and TV stations and asking them to mention it--and that they can find the instructions for this FREE registration by visiting WWW.FROMMYPOSITION.COM

Finally, stay tuned as we may need someone from each branch of the service there if we can pull something off. The charity shoot is off for now, but we may have something almost as fun to raise money for Valour-IT. Waiting to see if Rick can pull it off. (And if anyone can Pull it off, He can.)


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