Friday, September 18, 2009

Put up or Shut up time

Matt Burden (a.k.a. BlackFive ( is running for the Illinois Senate's 41st district.

He needs your support to raise $100,000 to campaign, and $250,000 to win (assuming he isn't running against an ACORN-sponsored, register te graveyard candidate)

Fifteen reasons you should support his campaign:
1. Matt Burden will be the only Illinois representative I know who isn't a crook, and would piss all over, monkey stomp, and donkey punch anyone who tried to bribe him.
2. Matt Burden's not only read, but has defended the US constitution.
3. Matt Burden's on the Board of directors for Soldier's Angels.
4. Matt Burden's a founder of the Warrior legacy Foundation.
5. Matt Burden's a warrior himself.
6. Matt Burden is one hell of a damn fine American.
7. Matt Burden is my friend.
I would go to war with Matt Burden.
8. Matt Burden introduced me to the Gimlet.
9. Matt Burden has successfully managed a privately-owned, web-based LLC, and kept it in the black while holding down a day job, fund-raising for charity, completing a master's degree, and raising a family.
10. John Galt would vote for Matt Burden
11. Matt Burden regularly visits service members in hospitals, because he cares about them, not for his own gain.
12. Matt Burden can balance a checkbook.
13. Matt Burden is Irish, and not a Kennedy.
14. With representatives like Matt Burden, Illinois will not be seen as a political hive of scum and villany.
15. Matt Burden would never say any of these things about himself, because his actions speak for him.

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