Saturday, October 30, 2010

Product review: Rubber Mulch

I signed up with to be a product reviewer.  As such, I get paid to review products, and I then donate said proceeds to Valour-IT.

Today's product is Rubber Mulch

From the advertiser:
Rubber mats provide the perfect finishing touch for any playground area that has a loose fill surface. They are specifically designed for potentially high-impact areas such as beneath swings and slides to prevent dispersion. Playsafer Wear Mats also provide an added layer of fall protection.
Impact tested to a 3' fall height
30" x 30" x 1.5"
Made from 100% recyled tires

From Chuck:
Anything that recycles tires is a great idea.  Rubbercycle  ( makes their product out of recycled tires, which are a HUGE ecological problem.  The tires don't biodegrade, they hold stagnant water, and become a living space for mosquitos, snakes, and all manner of vermin.

Rubbercycle takes these tires, which would otherwise just take up landfill space, and shreds them and transforms them into a variety of products.  They make rubber mulch, which is extremely long lasting, and has the added benefit of not fading, molding, mildewing, or needing replaced every spring (a dirty job that is very time consuming and labor intensive.  With Rubbercycle's rubber mulch, you put it down and that's it--now you have time to sip mint juleps and watch the day dissolve into evening with friends and family.

Rubbercycle ( rubber mulch is also a great alternative to sawdust, wood chips, and all the other stuff they spread around playground equipment, because it doesn't need replaced, and has the added benefit of absorbing impact, so when Jr. fall off the swing, he is less likely to shatter his tailbone.

Rubbercycle also makes rubber curbs to contain the rubber playground mulch, as well as rubber equestrian arena footing, so your horsies can enjoy the benefits of rubber too.


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