Monday, November 01, 2010

A thought before mid-term elections

I would like to think that our electorate are not one issue voters, that people honestly ask themselves before pulling the lever, "Is this what is best for the country, not just for me?" (I would love to live in a country where our politicians did so as well, but I digress.)  The fact of the matter is, most of us think in terms of "How will Candidate A benefit ME more than Candidate B" before we cast our ballot (those of you who get ballots, that is, unlike those who protect your right to cast them.)

And to an extent, I don't think there is anything wrong with voting along the lines of self-preservation and advancement, although some take it to the extreme, (remember the ObamaMoney, to be paid from his stash?)  I think voters should have a realistic expectation that their representatives should have their best interests at heart, however, I would also like a representative who does not provide opportunity for me at the cost of opportunity for other Americans (we'll call this the Murtha Model.)  Taking big money payouts from the federal trough to establish businesses and fulfill contracts, so the people of your districts have jobs, and in turn, will realize that voting for you is what keeps them employed, makes for an electorate which is now bought and paid for with their own money.

So I really do support the notion of asking yourself about how the human being or liberal progressive you are thinking of voting for will help the nation, and not just yourself.  Ask yourself if they hold a majority of the views you think are best for the direction of the country.  If candidate A is a 99% match for your views, but supports a woman's right to choose, and you are an ardent pro-life advocate, don't make the election about abortion.  If the candidate you are deciding on is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist, but you agree with them that America needs a new plan for ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (notice "End" vs. "Win") and you choose to cast your vote for the socialist, you are voting for everything they espouse, not just the one issue of ending wars.  You are voting for vast government spending and ownership of private corporations.  You are voting for government bailouts of corporations which have ridiculously poor business practices and models.  You are voting for a government that will pay a union before paying shareholders when it does bail out companies.  You are voting for a government that will blame every failure on the last government. 

Vote character, vote all the issues, vote conscience.  Vote what is best for the country, because our government isn't about you, it's about us.

When you go to the polls tomorrow, and you better go, because my wounds hurt to damn much for you to not go.  If you are undecided about who you should vote for, bear one thing in mind: how did the current occupant of the seats you are voting on vote with regard to the stimulus bill and the obamacare bill?

Here is why it's important:

I want this guy for my doctor
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