Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something to think about this Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, you can almost predict it. Some recipe will fail and the cook will feel like they've ruined the whole day.  Someone will have one too many drinks and say something that will leave their spouse mortified and ready to fight during the long, cold drive home.  Someone will say something innocent and someone's oversensitive feelings will be crushed leading to a grudge held for years.  There are all too many people who dread the holidays because they know that something like this will happen and all perspective will be lost.

Or you could be the Bullis family:
"There's going to be a lot to be thankful for this year," said Harold Bullis, Josh's father. "My son is alive and he's home." -source

He doesn't consider himself a hero.

"Those are the heroes over there -- over in Afghanistan, still," he said. "And when they come back in April, I'll be there waiting for them."

Bullis doesn't feel sorry for himself.

"I'm still alive and I thank God every day for that. No matter what -- even with no arms, no legs -- it doesn't matter. You can overcome anything if you put your mind to it."

He added, "There's nothing to be angry at. I knew what I signed up for. I joined the military and I went to war... I'd go back right now, just like this, if they'd let me. Unfortunately, I can't."  -source
Someone who gets it:
Among those who welcomed Bullis was Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Gabe Watson, who had heard Bullis' story.

"He's risked everything for our country and the freedoms we have," said Watson. "He's a young kid, a really young kid. I just wanted to lift up his morale."

Watson said there was a brief pause in his plans when, "I heard that he was a Minnesota Vikings fan. But he said he still likes the Cardinals. So, it was cool that I could give him a jersey and stuff like that."
There are more videos at the links below.  I hope it doesn't seem stalker-esqe to collect them all, but there are a lot of very amazing people involved in this story.   I also think it's a reminder to those of us who don't really know what a bad day is that maybe we should remember to stop, be happy to have our health, our family, and a place where we're welcomed and wanted on Thanksgiving day.

Dozens attend soldier's homecoming at Sky Harbor

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