Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Coming out of the closet

Relax, I’m not queer.

When I started this blog I decided to keep a little anonymity because from time to time I rant about things that are not necessarily in my lane or could be construed as insubordinate; and I didn’t want it to come back and bite me in the ass. But I now think that it only reduces my credibility to hide behind a mask, and anyone that knows me would recognize the pictures anyway. I’ll not post the names of my soldiers, or ever discuss events that are covered under OPSEC (I wouldn’t do that posting anonymously or otherwise, but I just wanted to clear that up.) That means I will not discuss current or future operations, dates, or anything that the enemy can use against us. So here goes.

I am Charles Ziegenfuss, a Captain (CPT) in the United States Army, currently assigned as the Commander, C Co (Fighting Aces), 2ND Battalion, 34TH Armor (Dreadnaughts). My battalion is normally part of the First Brigade, First Infantry Division, (The Big Red One) but we are attached over here to the Third Brigade, Third Infantry Division (Rock of the Marne).

I started out as a Private in the Army way back in 1990, as a cavalry scout in the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment. I was assigned to K troop, 3RD Squadron, 3RD Armored Cavalry Regiment, at Fort Bliss, Texas. Later, I was re-assigned to 3RD Squadron, 17TH Cavalry (Air Mobile) at Fort Drum, New York (Part of the 10TH Mountain Division (Light Infantry).

After my first tour in the Army, I got out and went to college, And returned to the Army in 1997 after graduating with a degree in history. ROTC paid the bills, and I made the grades. I was commissioned in 1997 as an Armor Officer (an M1A1 Tanker).

My first duty assignment was to Fort Stewart, GA, as a Tank platoon leader in B co, 3RD Battalion, 69TH Armor. I deployed to Kuwait for Operation Desert Thunder in 1998. Later, I would be the Scout Platoon Leader for the same battalion, and then the S3 plans (Operations Officer) for that battalion in Kosovo.

I was the Battalion Maintenance Officer and The Adjutant (S1) in this Battalion prior to assuming command last June.

I am proud of my unit, my country and our mission. And I will not hide.


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Anonymous said...

I commend you on your achievements to date and your decision to serve your country. I also appreciate your bio and decision to post under your name. Thank you for your posts. More people support you than you might imagine. I wish you the very best.