Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's Carren again...

Hey y'all! I haven't forgotten to post or anything, just wanted to give Chuck his "world" back. But he keeps telling me to go ahead and post, so here I am. I have been thinking about what to post for a few days... and my brain is so jumbled up that I feel like I have been taste testing some of Chuck's lollipops! Unfortunately, I am only allowed to open the package for him... but I picked up a piece of his lollipop the other day and thought, "Hmmm, I wonder what would happened if I licked my fingers?" Sounds funny... but if those pops are as powerful as they seem, I'll bet I could get a good buzz!!! The sad part is, half the time I feel like I am on another planet w/ everything going on around here... and I don't have any fun drugs to blame it on!

An awful lot has happened since I posted last. Chuck is still recovering well and each day is one step closer to a full recovery. We still have a lot of unanswered questions about length of stay, etc., but Alice and I have been bugging a bunch of people and I think we may have to light a few fires soon to get some of these surgeons out of the OR and make them see that there is actually a PERSON amongst the wounds! Too much to explain... we've just been a little, ok, REALLY frustrated lately.

Chuck still has good days and not so good days. The pain management issue is almost "okay," but he still experiences some problems. Tomorrow he is going to have his ears checked again and may have surgery on Monday so he can hear again. He doesn't have total hearing loss, but he definitely needs help - via surgery or a hearing aid, which is also a possibility. Chuck walks all over the hospital when he gets bored, which is good b/c he is up and moving. Thanks to his OT, Michelle, his left hand is improving. I went to OT w/ him yesterday to learn some of the exercises/stretches he needs. So now I can add OT to my resume!!!

I know Chuck is much happier now that he is able to blog, despite the fact that the voice recognition thing can be a hassle sometimes. He is very grateful to have it. He loves to see how many people comment when he posts. This blog is really an amazing thing for him and very instrumental for his healing. Alice and I can only do so much... but he smiles a lot and laughs at all of your comments and the cards and letters he receives in the mail. So again, I thank all of you faithful readers for following our journey. It means a lot to us, it really does.

Chuck and I are missing our kids like crazy, but they are busy driving my sister crazy! We talk to them every day and they are doing well. Creighton just finished swimming lessons and my sister said he did great. Adelle is busy being two and talks up a storm.... when we get on the phone w/ her she yells, "My mommy/daddy is on the phone" so that everyone on the planet can hear her. Next thing ya know, Creighton or my sister is on the phone. Adelle gets so excited she forgets to talk to us! She is such a trip!!!

For those who have asked, Alice said she is looking to find a man like Santa Claus (preferably w/o a Mrs. Claus). A man who will love her just as much as she would love him... that will work for her.

I know this post may seem a bit dry compared to Chuck's posts... he and I write very differently and I am REALLY tired right now. Not an excuse... just my reality. Plus, if I posted all of the drama that has occurred here, complete w/ cuss words and very descrpit adjectives, this sight would have to be under "parental control" warnings! I don't mean drama b/w Chuck and me... we still manage to say "I love you" and actually mean it... just drama. The world is full of drama and we all face it to some degree every day. But I have decided that my "drama meter" is really tapped out and I'm kinda on the exhausted side. Gee, can't imagine why.

May you all have a good day and continue to keep being the amazing people that you are. We are truly blessed to have so many people out there who care about us. It is very overwhelming... but we love it!

Until next time,

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