Saturday, October 29, 2005

Narcolepsy or Narcotics???

Today was interesting, especially while Chuck ate, or tried to eat, his lunch...

Imagine yourself eating lunch. You have a big piece of meatloaf on your fork... you open your mouth to take a bite... your fork is about an inch away from your mouth (and your mouth is wide open) and you fall asleep. Same thing happens with your salad. You almost spill your drinks on you b/c you fall asleep w/ them in your hand. You even try to take a bite of an UNpeeled banana that never even makes it to your mouth. And you keep falling asleep. Meanwhile, your spouse is waking you up every 10 seconds so you: a) don't choke on any food that may be in your mouth from the previous bite; b) you don't spill things all over you; and c) your spouse is trying to help you fill out your menus for the next two days. BUT.... you refuse to stop eating or stop filling out your menus.

That was our adventure for about 45 minutes this afternoon. I finally made Chuck just go to sleep after he tried to take a bite of his UN peeled banana, which never even made it to his mouth. Then he slept for the next 5 hours...

When Chuck was actually awake today he was in pretty good spirits, but very groggy. They have him on a lot of pain meds b/c he is in pain and has such a high tolerance to the meds (just like last time we were here). His arm is still bound to his side w/ ace wraps... not sure when that will come off. His doctor was in this morning (before I got there) and Chuck said the Doc said everything looked good.

Not much more to report right now. We talked to the kids and Alice and all is well back home.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for us, as well as Chuck's fellow BN brothers who were wounded. It feels good to be posting again and reading your responses. It's great to know you are all still "out there" for us. We thank you very much!

Take care, God Bless all of you and our Armed Forces.

Until next time,

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