Friday, December 02, 2005


This is what they did to me this last visit. Basically, the tube you see used to be my "love handle."
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Then, after my three-week odyssey of over medication, infection, and generally ill-health, they detached the tube, cut it up, and put humpty dumpty together again. They also removed a large swath of skin graft from my forearm, leaving a single scar that runs from the graft covering my bicep (unfortunately too large to remove) to my wrist (previously,the scar was about an inch wide).
The flap of skin is the shape of a cut up raquetball. It doesn't hurt too much, but looks like hell.
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Since I am home for a month, I am going to (hopefully) get my left ear fixed (right now it's like wearing headphones with a pinhole in the left speaker). I even get a feedback-like tone in my ear when I yawn! Also, I may have the opportunity to get some more shrapnel out of my face, especially the lump that sits on the right side of my face.

I did, however, manage to get off of the mega-doses of narcotics I was taking. No more fentanyl or dilaudid, Just a relatively low dose of methadone (Just like a heroin addict!) I feel more like me, just slightly lethargic instead of like a zombie. I listened to my voicemail that I set while taking the narcotics, and boy did I sound like one. I really have to change the announcement. I sound like Spicoli after an especially long bender.

More to follow, just not right now. Boy do I have a lot on my mind to write about!


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