Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flash traffic, Immediate attention required!

Attention all Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who have been wounded in OIF/OEF: there is an organization called salute America's heroes that wants to give you $500 for the holidays. This money has been approved by the Department of Defense for receipt and is approved through the Department of Defense office of General Counsel Standards of Conduct office.
All you have to do is go here and register. (may only work in IE)
Registration takes about five minutes total, and the cash is yours, free and clear. You got to hurry though, but the VA representative I spoke to about it said that it would be ending in a few days. You can even elect to have a member of the American Legion hand deliver it to you, or it can be sent through the U.S. Postal Service.
Please, if you are or know of any wounded veterans, especially those in the hospital who may not be able to get to a computer or register themselves, get their info NOW, and register for them if they wish.
Feel free to cross post or link to this, if I blow up my bandwidth on this post, I'll buy more.

It's a great way to say thank you during the holidays.

Sorry folks, for getting ya'll jazzed about this. I called the Wounded Warrior Program to ask them how wounded soldiers would go about getting the authorization code, and was told that the Coalition to salute America's Heroes gave them a list of authorization codes and people to call. Apparently, it works like this:
Coalition to salute America's Heroes somehow selects who they want to donate to
DS3/WW2 is given the list of names to contact with authorization codes
Soldiers get contacted by DS3/WW2, given their authorization #, and asked to register.

I'm not sure how many people the Coalition to salute America's heroes have or are going to give this to, or how they generated the list of names, etc.

I apologize for jumping the gun without doing the research (heck, I was pretty psyched about getting $500 smackers right before Christmas, and wanted to share the wealth/spread the news.) I hope I didn't do more harm than good.



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