Sunday, January 15, 2006

Get to work on this (cross post, etc.)

Lil Toni is auctioning off a very cool bit of Beatles Memorabilia, and the Auction ends tomorrow! The proceeds go to Project Valour-IT, which needs money, badly! There's lots of guys on the wards here at Walter Reed with F'd up hands, and the ones I've met are all jazzed about being able to get started. If you want to bid, (and I know you do) go here.


P.S. I got a pass today, went back to the hotel to watch the Stillers whoop up on the Colts. I swear, them boys in black an gold are trying to give my doped up buttocks a heart attack! (not that my heart is in my butt or anything... I have the heart of a little boy... in a jar on my desk.)

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