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We're losing in Iraq, Just like we lost in Vietnam

Whilst driving Son & Heir to school today, I turned on Fox and Friends to check on the latest news. I was regaled for over half an hour on the prospects of Roseanne Barr joining the cast of the “View,” but at the cost of Starr Jones’ dismissal. They then went on to discuss Starr’s poor hospitality, with anecdotal evidence of a party she threw where she prohibited the guests from using her bathrooms. Instead she opted for renting a portashitter, and forced her “guests” to use that instead. (At that point, anyone with an inkling of self-respect or self esteem would have told her what she could do with the plastic box, and left. I suspect that instead, her invitees either “held it” or used it and wrote nasty things on the walls.)

After this fascinating bit of “journalism” was over, the next topic was Paris Whatsername getting bounced off of American Idiot. (Admittedly, Carren and I sometimes watch the show, but usually only the first few weeks where the voting is left to Simon, Paula, and the fat guy. I really like the people who show up during the initial try-outs. I’m digressing. Back to my point (and I do have one.) Paris yapped with the idiots news casters actors about the show, her family, her “career.” This went on for another ten minutes or so.

Finally, something of value: Secretary Rice spoke to the UN about our plans and options with regards to Iran. Not that we need their permission or anything like that, but more (I think) to let them know what we’re thinking, and to try to get them to do something about the issue. I doubt they’ll as much as censure Iran, but at least we tried.

Then, a really interesting bit about a guy who thinks he remembers a “grave shaped” ditch in the ground near his cabin 11 years ago, around the time a newscaster was reported missing. Now he’s getting the cops to re-open the investigation and dig. Fascinating stuff. Whoop-de-doo!

They didn’t mention the following good news from Iraq:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi Army volunteers sort through paperwork and medical supplies in preparation for a blood drive in downtown Baghdad Feb. 5. More than 200 Iraqi Soldiers and a handful of U.S. Soldiers volunteered to donate a pint of blood to the local blood bank during the first ever blood drive by the Iraqi Army.

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Or this: US Soldiers Kicking It in the Desert
Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division detained three terrorists and killed three others on Thursday near
Samarra. The troops worked a tip from residents that led them to three known improvised explosive device emplacers. As the Soldiers began to leave the area with the detainees, they came under small-arms fire from a nearby rooftop. The troops suppressed the rooftop fire, then entered and killed the three attackers. An Iraqi citizen was injured during the firefight, but still provided the Soldiers with information about the rooftop firers. (emphasis added)

What it means: CIVIC PRIDE and RESPONSIBILITY, a belief by the citizenry that the people planting IEDs are not “freedom fighters,” and a willingness to tell the Iraqi and US Forces how to find and kill these terrorists despite fear of injury or retaliation.

Or this: 10 Terrorists, Assessed as Foreign, Killed; Three Wearing Suicide Vest
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed ten terrorists, three of them wearing suicide vests, and wounded one at approximately 1:30 a.m. May 2 at a safe house located approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Balad while searching for an al-Qaida terrorist leader. Upon the troops’ arrival, one terrorist who was sleeping while on guard outside the safe house, woke up and attempted to engage the assault troops with a pistol. The terrorist was shot before he could fire his weapon. As the wounded terrorist fell backward, he reached toward his chest and detonated a suicide vest. None of the assault troops were harmed in the explosion.

What it means: We are hunting and killing terrorists. We (The US & Iraqi forces) are not fighting inurgents, freedom fighters, or Che wannabes. These people have one goal: to kill other people; either military or civilian.

Or This: Bombmakers in mosque compound blow themselves up
BAGHDAD, IraqAn explosion occurred in a building within the Sheik Abdel Kader mosque compound at approximately 6 p.m. May 7 in Rusafa, a neighborhood of east Baghdad . According to the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Division, the bomb exploded, causing a fire. The Iraqi fire department responded and began suppressing the fire when firefighters noticed an improvised explosive device inside the mosque.

(They use Mosques to build bombs? In the religion of Peace???)
Hmmm… An Iraqi Fire Brigade. Sounds like infrastructure to me…

What it means: Infrastructure is improving, and terrorsits are using OUR respect for THEIR religeon (of peace) against us.

Or This: Terrorist chemical expert killed in Baghdad raid
BAGHDAD, IraqAnsar al-Islam member and chemical expert, Ali Wali, was killed May 6th at approximately 1 p.m. during a counterterrorist raid in the Mansur district of Baghdad. Iraqi civilians transported the two bodies to the morgue where Coalition forces later confirmed the identity of the wanted terrorist, Ali Wali. Neither Iraqi nor Coalition forces were able to confirm the identity of the driver, who was killed.

Ali Wali, full name believed to be Abbas bin Farnas bin Qafqas, was a 37 or 38-year-old Iraqi Kurd who served as a key leader in Ansar al-Islam's military (operational) command responsible for training and military operations (terrorist activity) to include the planning of suicide operations (bombings), ambushes and kidnapping.

But there are no WMDs… and are terrorists really going to try to use them? Naw…

What it means: The terrorists possess the means, intelligence, and will to use chemical or other weapons of mass distruction. It was not an irrational fear of unrealistic capabilities that drove us to war. Either in Afghanistan or Iraq, we have to go where the enemy lives, not the other way 'round.

Or This: Citizen leads Calvary scouts to weapons caches
FOB LOYALTY, IraqThanks to the help of an Iraqi citizen, Soldiers from Troop B, 1st Squadron, 61st Calvary Regiment, 506th Infantry Regiment, seized a weapons cache and took two terrorist suspects into custody in the city of al-Duraiya May 3.

What it means: The Iraqi people wany us there, and want freedom so badly that they risk their own well-being to stop the terrorists.

Or This: (An update to the Mosque bomb school) Mosque school site of bomb-making facility
BAGHDAD, IraqThe explosion originally reported as occurring in the Sheik Abdel Kader Mosque turned out to be a fire at the mosque's school, which is located in an adjacent building. According to Iraqi Army officials, at approximately 6:43 p.m. May 7, Iraqi firefighters responded to a fire in the mosque's school in the Rusafa neighborhood of east Baghdad . The firefighters notified the Iraqi Army they had discovered explosives in the parking lot of the school. Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, and an Iraqi police explosive ordnance disposal team, arrived and discovered an assortment of rockets, rocket-propelled grenades, C-4 explosives and other bomb-making materials in the school.

What it means: The IEDs were found at the Mosque school, not in the Mosque itself, but given that the two are attached, they're treated as "hallowed ground." Either way it's obvious to me that they are using their churches and schools to build IEDs, and possibly even training kids to emplace and arm the IEDs

Or This: Iraqi army captures terrorist cell leader in east Baghdad
BAGHDAD, IraqSoldiers from the 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, along with 4th Battalion, 320th Field Artillery, 506th Infantry Regiment's Military Transition Team, dealt the anti-Iraqi forces a blow when they detained an al-Qaeda in Iraq cell leader and seven other anti-Iraqi forces in two different raids in the Adhamiyah area May 4. The first raid led to the capture of the AQIZ (al queda iraqi) cell leader and two other suspects, along with 17 full AK-47 magazines, 20 rolls of TNT, three pistols, two belts of 7.62 mm ammunition and eight boxes of pistol ammunition. The suspects were then taken into custody and questioned. “The apprehension of the cell leader was entirely the work of the Iraqi Army,” said Capt. Joshua Brandon, 4-320th FA MiTT. “We (U.S. and Iraqi forces) have been tracking this guy and gathering joint intelligence for the last four months, but the Iraqi Soldiers took the lead and detained this guy and got information on another weapons cache.”' (Emphasis added)

What it means: Two raids, a large cache, an AQ cell leader and his fucksticks, and the Iraqi Army doing the mission with a very small (16 man) US contingient there to oversee and train them. The IA get better every day, and each step forward for them is a step out of Iraq for us.

Or This: Informant's tip leads to cache and insurgent
TIKRIT, IraqSoldiers from 2nd Brigade, 4th Iraqi Army and 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, discovered a cache west of Bayji May 7 based on information from an informant. The cache included an IED ready for placement, nine anti-tank mines, eight hand grenades, various other weapons and IED making equipment, as well as an improvised rocket launcher.

What it means: We continue to find them every day, and give them the opportunity to see the light and surrender, or see the light at the end of the tunnel. Either way, we are beating these assholes every day, the Iraqi people actually do want our presence, democracy, and their own proud, strong military and police force. The Iraqi Army and police are getting much more independent, conducting IA-led operations and independent operations, with a great degree of success.

NOW, Go read the full stories. See, there is good news coming out of Iraq by the Public Affairs Office daily. The MSM chooses not to cover it, because the cast changes on “The View” and getting kicked off “American Idol” is more important.

The mainstream media are a bunch of jackasses. We’re winning this war, everywhere except in the media. Just like Vietnam.


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